ORT KesherNet – connecting people to their potential

16 centres for a better future in Former Soviet Union

Kesher is the Hebrew word for connection and ORT KesherNet lives up to its name by connecting marginalized people across the Former Soviet Union to a better future. 

More than 30,000 people – 80 per cent of them women – have dramatically improved their career prospects thanks to the practical ICT and business management training they have received at the 16 ORT KesherNet centres operating in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Single mothers, refugees, disabled people and destitute women on the verge of homelessness are among those who have attended courses provided by this groundbreaking initiative by World ORT and Project Kesher – and more than three-quarters of them have improved their economic status as a result.

Self-employment has become an increasingly important pathway for women in these countries to attain self-sufficiency, especially since the global recession, We have adapted to the changing circumstances by helping women develop their business management skills.

ORT KesherNet – a reason to hope

Irina Yatzyk, 35, lost her job as a kindergarten teacher because she had to take time off to care for her sick son. Things looked bleak for the two of them until Irina learned about the computer courses available at the ORT KesherNet centre in her hometown of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.

I had planned to increase the level of my skills as an educator but it turned out much better!” Irina said. “Thanks to my new skills I found a job in a small construction firm where I can work flexi-time. So now I can earn a living while spending more time with my son. From my experience I know that no situation is hopeless when ORT KesherNet is by your side.

Published: 02/02/16