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Bequests in your will are a popular and easy way to leave a legacy to ORT Montreal. Make the dream of economic self-sufficiency part of your legacy by remembering ORT Montreal in your estate plans. Leaving a gift for future generations of ORT students can be as easy as adding a codicil to your will or by speaking to your notary or lawyer. You can give a specific amount, a percentage or the residue of your estate. To expedite your good intentions, here’s a recommended clause for making an outright, unrestricted bequest to ORT Montreal:

“I hereby give, devise and bequeath to ORT Montreal, a not-for-profit corporation, having its offices at 250-5165 Queen Mary Road, Montreal, Quebec H3W 1X7 or its surviving organizations, (Insert description of gift) to be used for its general, charitable and educational purposes.”
A charitable bequest allows individuals to retain use of and control over their assets during their lifetime, and remains fully revocable.

Bequests are also the final expression of a life of caring and concern. Express yourself now by making a gift for the future.

  • You can designate the purpose of your gift to a specific school or program.
  • The full value of the bequest can be considered a charitable donation for estate tax purposes.

Life Insurance

Another simple, yet significant way to contribute to ORT Montreal is a gift through Life Insurance. People in their 20s, 30s and 40s can often purchase life insurance at very low cost. When you make ORT Montreal the owner and beneficiary of the policy, your gift may be tax deductible. Gifts of life insurance allow you to give a significant gift, at low cost, without reducing the projected inheritance of your family members.

Best of all, your gift of life insurance will perpetuate your giving for generations to come and help ORT provide programs for generations to come.

  • You can name ORT Montreal as the sole beneficiary or as a beneficiary of a percentage of the plan.
  • Your yearly premiums are considered to be a charitable donation and are eligible for a full tax receipt.

Gifts of Securities

The Canadian government has eliminated capital gains tax on listed stocks donated to registered charities. Turn gains into rewarding investments. Transferring marketable securities – rather than selling them first and then donating the proceeds – results in no capital gains! When you donate securities, you will receive a charitable donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities, just as if your gift had been a cash donation.

  •  The value will be based on the closing value of the security on the day that the stock is transferred.
  •  You will receive a charitable receipt for the entire amount of the gift, which you can then apply to your taxes.
  •  The simplest way to make your gift is to transfer the shares electronically from your account to ORT Montreal’s brokerage account.

Named endowment fund

With a minimum of $25,000 you can establish an endowment fund, which will benefit the ORT program of your choice. You may wish to create a named endowment fund to honor or memorialize a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. Here’s how it works.

  • You choose the fund’s name and purpose within ORT’s mission. A named endowment fund agreement is then executed between you and ORT Montreal. The agreement outlines the terms, conditions and guidelines of your fund.
  • Your gift will be professionally invested and each year the income generated will be used for your intended purpose.
  • Ensure the continuation of a program that is meaningful to you by establishing a named endowment fund.

State of Israel Bonds

If you would like to support Israel today and help our students in the coming years, consider purchasing a State of Israel Bond in the name of the ORT Montreal. You will be issued a full tax receipt for the value of the bond.

For further information, contact Emmanuel Kalles, Executive Director at 514-481-2787, 1-866-581-2787 or email

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